We at WHDC believe that the easiest thing we can do is to create habitation instead of just concrete jungles around us. Why we shouldn’t get back to a life where we live and grow in a blended environment. There’s nothing wrong if we plan to live in a modern setup of habitation instead of cement blocks, because we must plan for happier life to other species from plants to trees and from underwater lives to the lovely creatures & pets around. WHDC works for academic research and applied studies of model townships and to development habitation to restore the damage we human have made so far since first ever civilization. WHDC aims to provide research academies dedicated to model townships provided true setup of future habitation instead of just concrete jungle. WHDC shall educate the society about saving the earth and environment by adopting the modern habitation model. Forums and bodies of researchers shall be introduced to create reforms and standards for modern yet self-dependent townships and habitation. Various educational programs, campaign and drives shall be introduced to encourage people especially youth to promote the noble cause.

World Fact

Human life is getting effected in many ways due to the wrong decisions made for the development of the entire humanity, out of which climate change and concrete jungles are the biggest blunder that ever happened.

Self Analysis

Human is yet another creature from millions available on the mother earth, yet he has got failed to prove himself intelligent and claver, as he couldn’t save the environment and the habitation on their own planet.


We have observed that instead of repairing the damage, we are dramatically harming almost everything on the earth only for the sake of rat race, from forest to marine life, from rivers to the air, everything is becoming worst and people around the globe are hardly care of this huge damage.


We are up for?


Damage Restoration


Environmental Protection


Habitation Balancing


Socio-Ecological Reforms

What they said?

Let's come together for a better world.